Things to Consider When Installing a Roof Replacement

Man installing rails for solar panels on residential house roof

You are planning to build a new home or do a roof replacement. You want to include a skylight. You want to watch stars from your house and enjoy the natural light. A skylight will come in handy in this case. There are various things that you should consider when it comes to this.

Get a Reputable Roofer

A great start in having your dream skylight is hiring a professional roofer. Remember that a proper installation matters for the longevity of the skylight and your roof in general. Poor installation will lead to issues such as leakage and you could end up getting the roof damaged. When high-quality materials are used and an expert installs the skylight, you are assured there will be no leakage.

The Type of Glass

There are two main types of glasses that you can use for your skylight. The laminated and the tempered glass. Since these are glasses that can break, experts highly recommend that you use laminated glass. This is because, your roof is prone to elements such as rodents, debris and even tree limbs falling. If in any case the laminated glass skylight breaks, it will not shatter to your house where someone could be injured. The pieces remain in place unlike with the tempered glass where it breaks into small pieces.

Decide on the Type of Skylight

Just like you choose the kind of roof that you want, you can choose the kind of skylight you want installed. If you do not want to have control over the skylight, you can go for the fixed one. If you want a skylight that you can open to allow air circulation in the house and more light, vented skylights are the best option. Remember to ask the roofer whether you will open the skylight electrically or manually. Actually, you can even have blinds installed.

Skylight Placement

Decide on how much light you want and the solar heat. Do you want the maximum that you can get or just a bit of it? Do you want consistent heat and light? This will be a starting point on where exactly you will have the skylight placed. A south-facing skylight will give less light than a north-facing one.

Why are Skylights Good on Your Roof?

Many homeowners ask why they need skylights on their roofs. Skylights are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also bring fresh air to the house. This is for the vented ones. There is more air circulation especially when it’s humid. In addition to these benefits, they also allow light in dark places.

If you want some touch of luxury in your house especially the bedroom, adding skylights would be an ideal option. It lights up the space in a natural way whenever needed. If you have been dealing with high heating or energy bills, you can minimize them by installing skylights on your roof. Get an expert to have the skylight installed.